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Mixed starter 6.95

Samosa, onion bhaji, pakora, lamb tikka, chicken tikka.

Shrimp Fry with puri 6.50

Garlic, butter,coriander served with puri.

Shish Kebab 4.95

It is crash-oriented meat, a mixture of several spices. Prepared with mustard oil. Served with salad (double portion). Il s’agit…

Chicken Tandoori 6.50

Leg pieces are marinated by indian spices, Curd and fresh coriandre. Cooked in clay oven. Served with capsicum and salad.…

Chicken Tikka 6.50

Chicken breast baked in clay oven (curd and spices). Poitrine de poulet cuite au four en argile (caillé et épices).

Green salad 5.50

Rocket, iceberg, broccoli, green bean, green peas, olive oil. Rocket, ice berg, brocoli, haricot vert, green peas, olive oil.

Onion Bhaji 3.80

Onions are chopped and marinated in a mixture of lentils and chickpeas flour and fried in vegetable butter. Served with…

Fish Salad 13.50

Mixed salad, potatotoes, tomatoes, cocumber.

Chicken Salad 12.50

Mixed salad, potato, tomato, cocombre, onions, fried bread, parmesan cheese, garlic sauce, and grilled chicken. Salade composée, pomme de terre,…

Mixed vegetable salad 12.00

Green salad, carrots, potatoes, green peas, broccoli, cauliflower. Salade verte, carottes, pommes de terre, pois verts, brocoli, chou-fleur.

Plateau Gambas 18.95

Presented with different fried vegetables.

Indian Mixed Grill 18.95

Lamb tikka, chicken tikka, kabab, shrimp tandoori, tandoori chicken and salad. Poulet tikka, poulet tikka, kabab, crevettes tandoori, poulet tandoori…

Lamb Tikka Biryani 14.95

Marinated lamb pieces cooked in a clay oven with basmati rice served with raita salad. Morceaux d’agneau marinés cuits dans…